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A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires Manual

A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires by Phil AcklandA Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires, Prevention and Investigation, A Collaboration of Experts

This book leads you step-by-step through inspecting and investigating a commercial kitchen fire. It is written for fire & building inspectors, fire investigators, analysts, engineers, expert witnesses and attorneys.

Every fire is different. This book gives you a starting point to prevent fires or to investigate them when they occur.

  • A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires   US$115.00
  • A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires Digital Download (PDF)  US$85.00


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Inspectors Manual

Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems Manual by Phil AcklandInspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems, by Phil Ackland

A must have reference for anyone involved in commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.

  • Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems Manual   US$115.00
  • Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems Manual Digital Download (PDF)  US$85.00





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Inspector’s Video

Phil Ackland's Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Systems DVDInspecting Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, by Phil Ackland

Fires in commercial kitchen exhaust systems can be prevented. This full-length training video provides a clear understanding of how these systems are supposed to be constructed, installed and maintained.

  • Inspecting Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems DVD US$50.00


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Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Systems DVD

How A Kitchen Should Be Cleaned DVD by Phil AcklandThis DVD will show Authorities Having Jurisdiction exactly what Exhaust Cleaners are supposed to be doing!

Finally the answer is available on this DVD! We have compiled a comprehensive set of video clips and informative commentary that will help fire officials gain a greater understanding of this rather elusive maintenance.

  • How should these systems be cleaned?
  • How should appliances be protected?
  • How clean is clean?
  • What are responsible expectations from this trade?
  • Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Systems DVD  US$30.00

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