Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Systems DVD

Fire Officials across North America ask us repeatedly, “What should a responsible exhaust cleaner be doing?”

This video answers that question. It gives an understanding of the standard of care involved in cleaning commercial kitchen systems.

Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Systems DVD

“How Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems Should Be Cleaned!”

This is a video for fire and building departments so they can understand what exhaust cleaners are supposed to do.

“This DVD will teach Authorities Having Jurisdiction how to prevent fires!”

For Fire Inspectors training in what to look for and expect from commercial vent cleaners. Your best “How to inspect vents” source!

Finally the answer is available on this DVD! We have compiled a comprehensive set of video clips and informative commentary that will help fire officials gain a greater understanding of this rather elusive maintenance.

  • How should these systems be cleaned?
  • How should appliances be protected?
  • How clean is clean?
  • What are responsible expectations from this trade?

Cleaner’s Pledge

The Pledge is a Statement of Principles to perform the cleaning in a responsible manner.

All Phil Ackland Company and Crew Leader Representatives must sign the Pledge.

The Pledge outlines the major responsibilities that a crew leader on the job must work and report to the Company Supervisor and the customer.

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