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Concord, NH March 23-24, 2015 – Hosted by the New Hampshire Fire Academy and the New Hampshire Fire Prevention Society

“Very informative. It was a refresh on many topics, but I also learned a lot of new things. I found the instructor very knowledgeable and he shared a lot of his experience. Whether you are new to the service or a veteran, this course is very interesting and informative.” – RD Fire Chief, NH

“This course was very informative. The instructor was very personable and knowledgeable. Good presentation.” – JF Investigator, NH

“It’s clear that the instructor is a subject expert with many years of experience and training. He has expert knowledge across several disciplines.” – DM Fire Prevention Captain, NH

“The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and presented a lot of information in a short time. The technology glitches were a distraction to the presentation, but these will work themselves out. I liked the array of information and delivery. More case studies on kitchen fires would be beneficial.” SG Fire Prevention Officer, NH

San Ramon, CA April 21-22, 2014 – Hosted by the PG&E FSTC and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

“I enjoyed the laid back presentation. It was very interesting and informative and filled with great information. It easily could have gone into several more days.” – JV, Building Inspector, CA

“The class covered all the items that I wanted to know about and with this information I will be better prepared to investigate my next kitchen fire.” – TP, Fire Investigator, CA

“The course and presentation provided some valuable information not found elsewhere in the industry I’ve been associated with for 30+ years.” – MM, Engineer, CA

“I enjoyed the broad overview of kitchen systems. It is hard to present such a large amount of material in two days on such a broad subject. But it was very well done by the instructor.” RE, Fire Investigator, CA

“I learned a lot. I am excited to take back with me the knowledge to make sure our kitchen is safe and being cleaned properly. Also I know more about what my fire service contractor is supposed to be doing.” TS, AHJ Inspector, CA

“Great class for me being new to most of the subject matter. The instructor was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed his teaching style.” – JP, Officer, CSI, Arson Investigator, CA

Conshohocken, PA September 24, 25, 2013 – Hosted by Pennsylvania Association of Arson Investigators (PAAI)

“The class was well received and was a huge success. Everyone that attended said that not only will they look at commercial kitchens differently at every fire investigation but also every time they visit a restaurant. The attendees were very happy with the information that was provided and also commented how vital the book will be for reference in the future. The instructor’s knowledge in the information gave the attendees confidence in the information given.” – B.F., PAAI Board of Directors, Fire Investigator

“This three day training had much more value than plainly the cost and the time, because any training that truely causes me to change the methods and ways I complete inspections and most importantly investigations is nearly priceless!” – R.S., Firefighter/Paramedic at City of Reading, PA Fire Dept.

“This class was part of a 3 day class that I attended and it helped me alot in understanding what to look for during FIRE INVESTIGATIONS points of origin and also when doing FIRE INSPECTIONS in restaurants where to look for build up of grease to tell restaurant owners to properly clean and maintain their cooking appliances and prevent fires in the kitchen” – W.S., Fire Marshal at Borough of Pottstown

“This course provides additional details on the problems of installation and maintenance that is not found in other courses or reference sources. The manual for this course, A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires, is a reference source I will use frequently when inspecting restaurants. A great course for insurance engineers, claims people, and for fire inspectors/investigators.” – T.H., Manager at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Guelph Ontario, CA November 4-5, 2013 – Hosted by the Wellington Waterloo District Chapter of the Ontario Building Inspectors Association

“This was a very comprehensive and beneficial course, one of the best I’ve attended in years.” – J.Y., CBCO Building Official Town of St. Mary’s

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