FAQ's for hosting a course

Hosting a Course In Your Area


Who can I contact to arrange to host a course or ask any questions?

Contact our training coordinator Samuel Musico on his direct line 916-753-2258 or via email at sam@philackland.com

What are the benefits of hosting a course?

In addition to receiving two complimentary seats per course, hosts are arranging for high quality CEU accredited training for their members while contributing to a safer community through specialized education.

Who may host a course?

Any company, department, association or agency that is interested in providing high quality specialized instruction as a service to it’s members, employees or community. In the past this has included but is not limited to local fire departments and fire marshal’s, fire marshal’s associations, fire inspector’s associations, fire and arson investigator’s associations, building inspector’s associations, insurance agencies as well as military and civilian governmental agencies.

Is the host financially obligated?

Unless they are arranging for a private event and have arranged for a flat fee to be paid, no they are not. In fact we provide two full complimentary seats per class to the host as a token of our appreciation for their assistance. Registration fees are collected by us from individual attendees.

What is required of a host?

We look to the host to provide a suitable classroom venue. We also ask the host to assist us with marketing the class either directly or by providing us with call down lists. We require permission to publish the hosts name in our advertising. In the case of international travel, we may ask for a letter of invitation to be provided.

What type of venue is suitable for hosting a class?

A classroom setting comfortably seating at least 20 persons with access to a digital projector for a PowerPoint presentation. These can be rented or private facilities.

How many people can attend a class?

This varies according to location, but generally, we are looking for a minimum of  about 20 persons.

How much does it cost to attend?

Rates will vary depending upon the time and location.

How far ahead should classes be scheduled?

Generally at least six months ahead to allow time to advertise and ensure the classes are full. But under certain circumstances, arrangements can be made in as little as one month.

What happens if we are not able to fill the class?

Unless a private event and/or a flat fee has been arranged, there is no obligation to the host. If the class does not fill by the target date we will simply move the date or cancel if necessary.

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