Inspection Class Reviews

Reviews From Recent Classes

Vandenberg AFB, CA June 9-10, 2015

“Speedy did an excellent job teaching this class. This training helped all who attended learn a lot about the hood and duct systems on base and how the systems work in general. During our class site inspections one safety issue came to light that was not known about for many years. This knowledge will also help improve our inspection procedures.” – MS Vandenberg AFB, CA Base Safety

“Outstanding class instruction on a topic that will no doubt help me throughout my firefighting career. Thank you for this opportunity!” – SSGT CC Vandenberg AFB, CA Fire Department

“I came in with zero knowledge of this topic. Now I have a working start to approaching and implementing the information presented in this program! Thank you.” – MR Vandenberg AFB, CA Youth Center Kitchen Cook

“Really good material and good presentation of material. Good examples presented.” – PL Vandenberg AFB, CA Fire Inspector

“Great information to have as a food manager. So happy to have been able to attend.” – KM Vandenberg AFB, CA Food Manager

Anchorage, AK June 2-3, 2014

“Great course. The only downfall is that more people could not attend. The information presented is invaluable to anyone working with, contracting or overseeing commercial hood and duct systems.” – M.M. JBER Fire Dept, Fire Inspector

“I learned many things I did not know before. Things I will use every day.” – J.B., JBER Fire Department, Fire Inspector

“Send more!” – J.M., USAF Ground Safety

“Great course. Very Informative!” – Ssgt M.P., Fire Inspector

“Good visual aids.” – M.R., Contract Performance Evaluator

“Great course. The instructor is definitely a subject matter expert.” – D.H., ABW Safety

Brandon Manitoba, CA June 18-19, 2013

“The field trip was amazing. It gave everyone a great perspective of the classroom training. Having Speedy there to answer questions and point out things topped it off. “ – TP, Marketing Rep, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

“Very good explanation of the details of a commercial kitchen. Well presented. Speedy is very experienced and knowledgeable.” – DB, Manager, Portage Mutual Insurance

“It gave me a real insight into requirements and things to look for. Very well done course and anyone doing approvals or inspections should take this course.” – BF, Building Official

“This is a great seminar for a person inspecting restaurants. There was lots of material to absorb but the important things were easy to remember. Speedy is a very interesting and talented instructor. I really enjoyed his presentation and his personality. He is easy to listen to and knowledgeable.” – EB, Loss Prevention, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

“The course was well designed and presented to meet the needs of both new and seasoned inspectors.” – DH, Deputy Fire Chief, Portage Fire Department

“Speedy was very knowledgeable and I will leave with a much greater understanding of commercial kitchens.” – BH, Marketing, Portage Mutual Insurance

“(The seminar) supported theory with hands on opportunity. It was an excellent eye opening program. Well done and a pleasure! We are hoping to explore hosting yet another program later this year.” – AG, Assistant Fire Commissioner, Manitoba, CA

“I found the theory plus hands on approach were perfect for knowing exactly what to look at and why. I feel a lot of people don’t know what to look for, and this course was great.” – EC, Loss Prevention, Wynward

“Very well designed course.” – DF, Deputy Fire Chief, City of Estevan Fire Department

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