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Phil Ackland’s Online Inspector Course lets you study at your own pace and work around your own schedule.

The course will help you understand the fire codes and standards for commercial kitchen systems.   Learn how to inspect commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems. Identifying these areas will help inspectors prevent fires. The reality is many systems are improperly installed and maintained. This course is for fire prevention officers, building inspectors and designers.

Institutions that currently offer the Online Inspector Course

  • The Online Learning Centre, in BC, Canada.

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This practical course includes:

  • 19 modules (download the Course Curriculum)
  • Covers the theory behind the construction, installation and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.
  • Through the use of videos and photos, this course will take you into commercial kitchen systems and onto rooftops to show the worst of what can happen to these systems.
  • By the end of the course students will be able to identify and evaluate common fire hazards in commercial kitchen systems.
  • Approved by the ICC for .6 CEU’s (6 hours)

Course Goals

  • Provide a basic understanding of how exhaust systems are constructed, installed and maintained.
  • Identify parts and function of common commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.
  • Provide a basic understanding of codes and standards: NFPA 96, IMC, UL 300 and other code requirements.
  • Demonstrate how to inspect systems for the most critical problems.
  • Identity what the authority having jurisdiction should expect from fire suppression service providers and kitchen exhaust cleaners.

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