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Phil Ackland has been in the commercial kitchen exhaust industry for over 45 years. He sits on the National Fire Protection Association’s technical committee for NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment. He has written a series of books on commercial kitchen exhaust systems covering installation, inspection, cleaning and fire investigation.

He offers training seminars to building and fire inspectors, fire investigators and insurance professionals. He conducts fire investigations and provides litigation support testimony related to fire incidents in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Phil Ackland assists authorities having jurisdiction to develop and implement certification programs for kitchen exhaust cleaners and inspectors. Below is a highlight of Phil Ackland’s biography.

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Biography of Phil Ackland

Born: March 13, 1949
Dual Citizen of both U.S.A. and Canada

Career Highlights

February 1971 to September 1993
Owner and president of Commercial Vent Cleaning Co. Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 1976 to present
Owner and president of Ackland and Sander Consulting
Summerland, BC, Canada

1989 to 1992
Founder and first president of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association

November 1991 to present
President of Ducting Entry Systems Company Inc.
Atlanta, GA, USA


A Guide for Commercial Kitchen Fires Manual

This book leads you step-by-step through an investigation of a commercial kitchen fire. It is written for fire investigators, analysts, engineers, expert witnesses and attorneys to give them a detailed knowledge of commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.

Every fire is different. This book gives you a starting point to begin an investigation in a commercial kitchen fire.

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Phil Ackland’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Manual – Inspectors Edition

How well do you understand commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression jargon? This book is written for design engineers, building inspectors, fire prevention officers, restaurant and property managers, maintenance workers and insurance companies. With over 100 photos and drawings it breaks down the regulations and makes them easier to understand.

A must have reference for anyone involved in commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Certification Manual 

SMACNA Installation Manual for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.

Phil Ackland’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems Manual – Sales and Marketing

Videos & DVDS

Phil Ackland has produced a number of training videos and DVDs.

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