Exhaust Hood Cleaning Fire Prevention Specialists

Financial freedom, job security, adjustable work hours; Are these important to you? Consider cleaning commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems.

Are you looking for a trade that allows you to set which and how many days or hours you work? Do you want to pick and choose whom you want to work for? How much you charge? Exhaust hood cleaning can give you these and more. The act of cooking food creates vapors. These vapors recondense on kitchen hood exhaust surfaces above the appliance. This grease buildup is combustible and has to be regularly cleaned.

In America, everyday 10’s of 1000’s of pounds of this combustible grease accumulate on restaurant kitchen hood exhaust systems. These hood exhaust systems need to have this combustible grease removed. Grease burns, so this service is considered fire prevention. It is not just janitorial. When you do the job right, you are a fire prevention specialist.

Every year 1000’s of restaurants and millions of dollars are lost to fire. By doing quality work, you can quickly build a reputation of consistent and dependable service. This will put you in even greater demand. Because the cleaning has to be done when the cooking operations are shut down, many kitchens are done at night. But many kitchens close during some part of the day, others are not open on certain days. You can choose which jobs you want and when.

Deer season, going on a cruise — No problem, most work can be adjusted anywhere over the course of a month. There are exhaust hood cleaners who specialize in cleaning restaurants at ski hills. They ski during the day and clean at night. Others travel to tourist areas. I know of several who specialize in only cleaning hotels on Caribbean islands!

To do it right you will need quality training, a power washer and reliable transportation. You have to like people and not be afraid of hard work. Each of these aspects can work to your advantage to create the sort of job you are looking for. One that fits your life style.

For over 40 years Phil Ackland has been involved in commercial kitchens. Training exhaust cleaners, fire inspectors and others. He sits on the NFPA 96 committee, has created training and certification programs for cleaners, and governments. If you want to know more about exhaust cleaning seeĀ http://www.philacklandcleaning.com/

If you want to make a successful business in this field see Phil Ackland’s 5-Day Cleaner’s Course.

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