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Phil Ackland Fire InvestigatorPhil Ackland and Associates are experienced in fire investigation and litigation support testimony related to commercial kitchen systems. 

Every year, thousands of fires occur in commercial kitchens. The complex environment of appliances, fire-extinguishing systems and exhaust systems requires an investigator to have a clear understanding of commercial kitchen systems. Phil Ackland and Associates are commercial kitchen systems experts.

Our knowledge is built on over 45 years of experience in the industry — designing, installing and servicing fire suppression and exhaust systems, as well as training. Over the years our team has witnessed countless safety violations, substandard installations and poor maintenance.

Phil Ackland and Associates work as part of your investigative team. Our associates conduct fire investigations using a systematic documentation process. Working from the outside in, our team zeros in on the space of interest to determine the origin and cause of the fire and any contributing factors. Our expertise spans various aspects of commercial kitchens including:

  • Fire and building code compliance
  • Appliance placement, repair and maintenance
  • Suppression system design, installation and maintenance
  • Exhaust system design, installation and maintenance

Commercial Kitchen FiresAt the fire scene, Phil Ackland and Associates make sure all relevant evidence is collected and documented so solid conclusions can be reached. In court, our associates are experienced in providing expert opinions and testimony.

Our team is made up of leaders in the industry. Phil Ackland sits on the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 96 committee (as Special Expert) for commercial cooking equipment. The NFPA is the authoritative source for fire codes and standards in the United States and Canada, as well as in other countries.

Phil Ackland and Associates has the expertise to investigate your commercial kitchen fire scene. Over the years, law firms and insurance companies throughout North America have used the expertise of Phil Ackland and Associates to support and win their cases.

Put the team of Phil Ackland and Associates to work for you.

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